This kml-creator (ed) has speciall features for adding specific set of data to points, you can add as many extra data as you want, just make sure that all the other points share the same information and make sure to write the headers without commas. You only have to upload *.csv files, following one of the formats shown below (make sure your data is in WGS84):

  • Only upload comma delimited files (csv)
  • Don't use commas in your point name, description or extended data content
  • The maximum file size is 500 kB (0.5MB)
  • For your records follow the format shown as the input coordinates

In the first line, enter the number of extended data you want to add (in this example 2):

Ext. Data2

Then according your input data, use one of the following formats

UTM input coordinates Download sample

NameEastNorthZoneHemisDescriptionStyleData 1Data 2
Chavin de Huantar261004.768938659.6618SDescription2102Ancash10

Geographic input coordinates Download sample

NameLongitudeLatitudeDescriptionStyleData 1Data 2
Chavin de Huantar-77.17755832-9.594532476Description2102Ancash10

Adding external data to google earth
Kml points with Extended Data Utm Geographic

  • Press key c to clear the input
  • Press r key to reduce 1 decimal (rounding)
  • Use arrow keys to recover previous results